How To Clean A Fish Tank From Inside?

Cleaning a fish tank at regular intervals is the best way to avoid your fish being sick and providing them a healthy environment. Since the water in a fish tank does not flow like in natural environments, it’s necessary to maintain cleanliness in a fish tank for a healthy habitat.

There are certain rules that you must follow when it comes to cleaning a fish tank from inside when it is occupied with fishes.

  • Under any circumstances DO NOT use soap to clean your fish tank even when it is empty.
  • Under any circumstances DO NOT remove all the water from your fish tank (as well as fish).

You must follow these two rules while cleaning your fish tank.

For cleaning purposes use a siphon tube to extract dirt and solid particles from the bottom and corners of the fish tank. You can dip your hand into the tank and slowly point the end of the tube to extract the dirt carefully from all areas of the tank.

While decorating your tank you can create slope using gravel so that all the solid waste gets accumulated at one corner and it will be easier to suck it while cleaning.

Only siphon the waste till 25% water has been extracted. To add the water that has been extracted only use water which has been de-chlorinated. You can store a bucket of water 24 hours before you start the cleaning process so that chlorine disappears naturally from this.

Here is a video that shows you how to clean a fish tank

Before you dip your hands in fish tank make sure you don’t wash them with soap. Many people think that harmful bacteria from your hands will enter the tank so let’s clean the hands first by soap and then clean the tank, but this can be dangerous as no matter how much you clean your hands, soap residues are always on your hands.

You can decide a day of the week (like Sunday) to clean your fish tank and remove only 25% of water and easily maintain a healthy tank. One easy way to always reduce your cleaning task is to only feed your fish the quantity of food they want to eat. You can observe once how much they eat and adjust your quantity overtime. Uneaten food particles settle down in tank and get rotten altering fish tank water chemistry and this can be harmful for fish health.

Cleaning and maintaining a tank is just a matter of creating a schedule and observing small changes. If you do this on a regular basis you’ll have a beautiful and healthy fish tank in your home.


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