5 Fish Tank Accessories You Must Have For Healthy Aquarium

An aquarium is much more than a tank filled with water and fish swimming in it. It’s a complete habitat where you are trying to replicate the exact conditions found in nature where your fish will feel “homely” and will be happy to live. Here are the necessary equipment you must have to keep your fish tank safe and healthy for a long time.

1) Water Heater -This is required if you want to keep tropical fish because in tropical regions the water tends to be a little warmer. The heater is required to maintain a temperature of about 24 degrees Celsius constantly so that fish can feel like tropical regions.

Water heaters come in a variety of types but the best ones are this that comes with built-in thermostat as these prevent overheating of water and save your fish from too much heated water.

2) Thermometer – These are required to continuously detect water temperature for a tropical fish tank. Several types of thermometers are available in the market but the best ones are digital ones that have a probe dipped into water and a LCD display hanging on the outside of the fish tank wall tell you the correct reading of the water. Since the probe is dipped into fish tank water the temperature reading is not affected by the surrounding room temperature.

3) Water Filter – These are responsible for keeping your water clean and circulated for easy air exchange between air at the top and water. Fish survive on oxygen dissolved in the water and the filer helps to circulate the water for easy oxygen exchange as well as removes excess solid waste that may alter water chemistry.

4) Air Pump – Air pump forces bubbles of air into the fish tank water. Most of the times as “air stone” is fixed at the end of the air pump tube for decorative purposes and sometimes the end is buried under decorative ornaments to simulate underwater scenery. Air that bubbles up the water surface breaks the surface further allowing easy exchange of the water and help fish easy breathing.

5) LED Lighting – Lighting a fish tank is not an absolute must but if you have aquatic plants as decorative elements in your fish tank and light will help to keep them healthy. Too much lighting can encourage growth of algae turning your tank water green. An 8 -10 hours schedule daily will work just fine as far lighting is concerned.

Apart from these 5 you’ll need a fish net and a siphoning tube for partially removing the fish tank water (about 25% weekly) for cleaning the tank internally.

If you have just these 5 pieces of equipment then you’ll have a great tank that you, your family and friends will admire.


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