Aquatic plants

Decorating Your Aquarium Fish Tank

Sky is the limit when it comes to decorating your aquarium. There are many cool ideas you can follow to replicate what you see in nature with proper care and guidelines. Here are some ideas to start with.

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1) Use gravel at the bottom of the tank by sloping it a little towards the front. By making a slope you can easily collect solid waste in one corner of the tank and it will be easier to suck it out while siphoning your tank once in a week. Aquarium gravel is available online as well as in local pet stores.

2) Decorative rocks can add great abstract beauty to your fish tank. An arrangement of rocks can be used to form hiding places, caves that fish absolutely love. Some fish species are shy and love these hiding spaces. Many times these inner spaces are also used for laying eggs if you want to expand your hobby into fish breeding.

3) Aquatic plants – A wide variety of aquatic plants are available that make your fish tank look like a marvelous piece of nature. Since plants are living things they require some extra care like controlling duration of lights that falls on them.

4) Gem stones – These are available online in various colors an can be sprinkled at the fish tank bed by embedding them in gravel.

5) If you don’t want to spend any money on expensive decorating ornaments you can create your own caves, hiding spaces by using broken ceramic cups, pots. These add great excitement in your fish tank.

6) If you have some spare money you can buy dedicated decorating ornaments from online pet store or local pet stores like ships, tents, bridges that have been specifically designed for fish tanks. These add great beauty to your aquarium.