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Precautions You Must Take While Buying Aquarium Fish from Local Fish Store

Buying fish from a local fish store is a good way to get quality and healthy fish for your tank. You don;t have to go out fishing and waste hundreds of hours to look for some exotic species in ponds and lakes, but buy them from a local fish store.

yellow-segelflossendoktor-53996_640Most local fish stores breed these species in their store and have a dedicated expert team to take care of them. By buying fish from these stores you’ll save a ton of time and get your tank a healthy stock. However there are some points to look for when you buy fish from a local pet store.

1) Most pet stores will hand over the fish in a plastic bag which is half filled in water and half empty for oxygen exchange. The quality of water in this bag is very less and the fish is likely to consume all the oxygen from this water.

That is why make sure you pick a pet store which is close to your home so that you can travel back fast to your home and drop the fish in your tank.

2) While picking up fish from the store see that fish are actively swimming and not lazy. Check for any undulations of the skin, white/black spots on the body of the fish and avoid them if you find any of these, as these may be sighs of a disease.

3) Do not buy fish with other sick fishes in the tank as these can be contagious and other fishes may be carrying the germs with them on their body.

4) If the salesperson at the pet store must allow you to pick up any particular fish from the tank. If he or she forces you to buy any particular fish then let them know about your choice.

5) Do not buy fish from the tank if you find a dead fish in the tank.

6) Before you want to buy more than two different species of fish then make sure you know about fish compatibility before you buy them. There are certain rules you must follow while keeping fish in a tank as not all species are well suited with each other.

7) While carrying the plastic bag home make sure you prevent any sudden shocks to this bag as the fish is very sensitive to sudden movement and that too in a small space like a plastic bag.

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