Location Of Your Fish Tank In Your Home

Locating your fish tank is crucial and will make or break the quality of life in your aquarium. If you pick up the wrong place your fish will suffer and will probably die, that is why make sure you take proper care before you fill it with water. Once you fill it, it will become heavy and it will be almost impossible for a single person to shift it from one place to another.

1) Do not place your fish tank on floor level or ground because other people passing by may accidently get hurt by kicking it and the tank will get vibrations all the time. If you have kids at home they will drop toys, food into tank making it a mess and your fish will suffer.

2) DO not allow direct sunlight falling on your tank because of two reasons

  • Sunlight causes water temperature to change and this can be too harmful for fish. Overheated water is not suitable for fish because dissolved gases will escape from water because of overheating.
  • Sunlight encourages growth of algae in your tank and this will turn your tank water green.

3) Do not keep your fish tank near TV or any other equipment that radiates heat because this can gain cause expansion and contraction of the glass walls and even affect water temperature.

4) If people in your home smoke then make sure you suck air for the air pump from outside because if smoke enters the tank it can definitely harm your fish.

5) Choose a sturdy platform for your fish tank because even slight vibrations can cause damage to glass walls and fish cannot take even small vibrations. If you pick a wooden stand or a table make sure it does not wobble after your fill your tank completely.


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