Which Size Of Aquarium Fish Tank Is Best For Beginners?

Many beginners in the aquarium fish keeping hobby face this crucial problem of picking up the perfect size of the fish tank. A fish tank is much more than just water and fish swimming in it.

It’s a complete ecosystem in itself which requires maintenance, care and knowledge. That is why if you are a beginner it’s better to start small and then expand as you gain experience and knowledge.

To start with you can go in with a 10 gallon tank that measures about 20″ X 10″ X 12″. This size is not too big and not too small and is easy to clean. This size of tank will even look beautiful and add value to your space because it will be noticeable.

Aquarium by barron, on Flickr
Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 2.0 Generic License  by  barron 

There is a simple principle behind picking up a fish tank. Since fish survive on oxygen dissolved in water, it’s necessary that your fish tank setup allows easy exchange of oxygen from top water surface.

That is what always pick up a tank which is wide open from top. A tank with the same volume as a 10 gallon tank but with a narrow opening on to is not a good idea to start with. You’ll notice many fish tank in circular and vertical fashion, but as mentioned above they will affect oxygen exchange into the water.


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